Disable the Label is an anti-stigma campaign motivated by youth advocacy

Kathryn Loucks, founder of Disable the Label in association with Keystone Child, Youth, and Family Services.



Hi, my name is Kathryn Loucks. When I was in grade 8, I started experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety. Embarrassed by those feelings, I didn’t speak to anyone until my symptoms reached a peak during my grade 11 year in high school. Finally, I spoke with my doctor and was diagnosed with severe clinical depression and anxiety. After struggling through my grade 11 year, I became motivated to return to school ready to combat the stigma that prevented me (and prevents so many others) from reaching out for help. Disable the Label is a campaign that focuses on combatting the stigma of teenage mental illness so that youth can realize hope is out there and they shouldn’t feel “ashamed” or “embarrassed” to ask for help. Together, we can “disable the label” of mental illness once and for all!

D I S A B L E   T H E   L A B E L 

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