Mental illness isn’t always easy to see…

Say NO to Suicide
Suicide Prevention Poster
Not all chapters are pleasant…
The “downpour” of invisibility…
Are you enslaved by anxiety? You don’t have to be…
Stomp the Stigma
Names don’t help…
Check out this visual factsheet and poster…so cool !
“It’s not about forcing happiness, it’s about not letting the sadness win..”
If only suicide could be “paused” and stopped as a remote would to a T.V. Unfortunately, it does not work like that. Share this poster and help “pause” suicide…
Stigma isn’t a game-names like “crazy” and “insane” cannot be used anymore !
Mental Illness is a REAL illness- it is a chemical imbalance and needs to be treated as any physical illness would seek treatment.
10% of eating disorders develop in men. “It’s not the name of a band…”
Suicide Prevention Poster…
…because some conversations are easier than others !

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